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Arthur G. Allen Scholarship

    In 2024, MAMA will be awarding one Arthur G. Allen scholarship for $2,500
    Applications Due by April 30th

    MAMA will be awarding a new scholarship in 2024 to honor the late Arthur G. Allen who served as chairman of the Massachusetts Aeronautical Commission from 2003-2007. The candidate must be pursuing a career in aviation management, pilot training or aircraft maintenance. The student must demonstrate consistent work ethic and possess a passion for community, taking risks and the ability to rebound from failure or substantial challenges in life. Applicants must be a Massachusetts state resident and be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an accredited aviation-related program for the period covered by the scholarship.


    Arthur G. Allen's journey began in the vibrant city of Boston, MA, in 1946, born to a Boston Police Officer and his wife—an immigrant from Damascus, Syria. Tragically orphaned at the tender age of 12, Arthur's path took an unexpected turn as he found himself nurtured in a boarding school through the generous support of the Policeman’s Benevolent Fund.

    Venturing into the realm of higher education, Arthur spent several years at Boston University before ultimately choosing to carve out a career in Pharmaceuticals. Love blossomed when he married his beloved wife, Linda, on Valentine’s Day in 1969. They welcomed their first child, Kimberly, in 1970, followed by the joyous addition of a second daughter, Elissa, in 1974.

    Relocating to Byfield in 1972, the Allens seamlessly integrated into their new community, immersing themselves in civic duty by volunteering with the Fire Department. Arthur, in the role of a volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician, and Linda, serving as the Ladies Auxiliary President and an EMT, dedicated decades to ensuring the safety of their neighbors. Arthur's entrepreneurial spirit took flight as he ventured into the realm of fire and security, founding the Omni Security Team, which continues to safeguard Massachusetts and the New England Region from its headquarters in Byfield.

    In 1967, Arthur soared into the skies for the first time aboard a private aircraft, an experience that captivated his spirit. Fueling his newfound passion, he embarked on flying lessons, achieving the milestone of a solo flight in 1986 and eventually acquiring his first plane. The 1990s witnessed Arthur's involvement with the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission, culminating in his esteemed role as the MAC Commissioner from 2003-2007. A dedicated advocate for aviation, Arthur undertook a mission to personally visit every private airport in Massachusetts, engaging with airport managers and pilots alike. Post-9/11, he personally financed a study evaluating the security of all private airports in the state when funding was unavailable.

    Tragically, Arthur departed this world suddenly at the age of 62. His legacy lives on through the Memorial Scholarship, a testament to his enduring pride in the applicants and awardees. Undoubtedly, he would be proud and send heartfelt wishes to these aspiring aviators, airport managers, and aircraft engineers, hoping for their success and fulfillment in their aviation careers.

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    Applications Due by April 30th