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MAMA Conference 2015!

Join us for our Annual MAMA Conference on Monday September 28- Tuesday September 29, 2015. This year, we will be at Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club in beautiful Brewster, Mass.


Hello everyone!

After a quiet beginning of 2015, the snow, winds, and cold temperatures settled in for the long haul! While the airports have been working on following their snow plans, MAMA got the new leadership team in in place.

This year's President is Kelley Dinneen, Co-owner of KING Aviation Mansfield, Vice President is Bob Mallard, Owner of Airport Solutions Group Secretary Brian Barnes, Airport Manager of Westfield Barnes Regional Airport Treasurer, Tom Maher, Airport Manager of Plymouth Municipal Airport.

Our Board of Directors include:
  • Michael Bolton
    Airport Manager of Westover Metropolitan Airport
  • Andrew Davis
    Airport Manager of Worcester Regional Airport
  • David Graham
    Engineering Consultant with Jacobs Engineering Group
  • Donald McPherson
    Owner, Manager Stow Minuteman Airfield
  • Sandy Stetson
    Owner Manager Marlboro Airport
  • Robert Welch
    Airport Manager Mansfield Municipal Airport
  • Michael Miller
    Airport Manager Lawrence Municipal Airport
  • Arthur "Butch" Lisenby
    Airport Manager Provincetown Municipal Airport
  • If you have any questions, suggestions, or thoughts regarding MAMA, please feel free to reach out to them. As you can see, the membership has elected a diverse group of aviation professionals representing airports, engineering firms and aviation businesses.