A recent MAMA study concluded that Massachusetts Airports as a whole, have embraced widespread changes related to sanitation, face covering, and social distancing protocols. Ensuring the health of the travelling public is now at the forefront of industry priorities and airports within the Commonwealth continue to exceed all standards.

Updated: July 1, 2020

MAMA continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation. We have been in contact with the FAA and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on a host of issues including: open meeting law, bidding, funding, construction, insurance, leases, and FMLA.

 We have been told that additional correspondence from the MA Governor's Office will be coming once approved by the Massachusetts Legislature. FAA New England Region Airports Division continues to monitor the situation and will pass on anything from Washington.

We also been working with Anderson Kreiger,  they work with several of our member airports. We have documents from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the FAA and Anderson Kreiger that may help answer some of your questions.  We  will provide updates as the situation dictates:

Please stay safe!

Updated: April 2, 2020

Email from Jeff DeCarlo, Administrator - MassDot Aeronautics Division:

From: "DeCarlo, Jeffrey (DOT)" <jeffrey.decarlo@state.ma.us>
Date: April 2, 2020 at 8:25:05 AM EDT
Subject: Airports: COVID-19 Information

Hello All,

I hope you and yours are well.

The Aeronautics Division is well aware that these are trying times for airports throughout the Commonwealth.  We are also well aware that COVID-19 and its effect on travel throughout the country is unprecedented and, hence, there is no road map in place on how Massachusetts’ airports should addressed the many demands being place upon them by the state, as well as the travelling public during this emergency.  There is, however, information recently issued by FAA that you should be aware of, along with clarification provided by the Aeronautics Division that you may find helpful and is provided below.


All travelers, which includes those travelling by air, arriving to Massachusetts are instructed to self-quarantine for 14 days.  To follow this guidance, we advise airports to display the attached poster in a place that is obvious to incoming passengers, and verbally advise incoming passengers of such quarantine as safety allows.   

 Closing or Restricting Use of the Airport for Non-aeronautical Purposes

The FAA has issued guidance for handling proposals to close or restrict airports for non-aeronautical purposes without FAA approval (see attached Compliance Guidance Letter).  The Aeronautics Division interprets this guidance to mean:

 Cannot close the airport or any structure necessary to the operation of the airport all the while doing everything necessary to ensure the safety of those using the airport in light of state/federal governmental directives in connection COVID-19.

 Contingency Plan

We are asking that airports consider developing a “contingency plan” should the operation of the airport become affected due to staffing issues.  The focus of the exercise is how can continuity of operation still be accomplished.  Such examples could include self-fueling, alternate airport contacts through police dispatch, and use of signs and NOTMAS communicating information to pilots.

 Recent FAA Advisories

FAA has recently issued the following advisories (and they are attached);

1.  Compliance Guidance Letter (Dated 3/16/20);    

2.  Information for Airport Sponsors Considering COVID-19 Restrictions or Accommodations (Dated 3/28/20);

3.  Considerations for State, Local, and Territorial COVID-19 Restrictions That Impact Air Transportation (Dated 3/28/20); and

4.  FAA National Part 139 Cert Alert (Dated 3/24/20 updated) re: parking overflow aircraft.

These advisories are self-explanatory, and the Aeronautics Division agrees with and defers to FAA on the information/directives contained therein.  We are, however, available for questions and will respond within that context.

State of Mass: Coronavirus Traveler Self Q Poster.pdf

FAA: Compliance Guidance Letter 2020-01.pdf

FAA: part-139-cert-alert-20-02-COVID-19-temporary-aircraft-parking-updated-20200324.pdf

Updated: April 1, 2020 

FAA: State-Local-Territorial-Guidance-on-COVID-19-Restrictions-that-Impact-Air-Transportation-20200328.pdf


State of Mass: 3.25.2020.SIGNED Construction Letter with Guidance.pdf

Anderson Kreiger: Client Advisory re_ Families First Coronavirus Response Act.pdf

FAA: Information-for-Airport-Sponsors-COVID-19-20200328.pdf

If your airport needs legal advice during these challenging times, we recommend Anderson Kreiger, who is a MAMA member, sponsor and frequent speaker at our Annual Conferences.

Contact information:

David Mackey 617-621-6531 dmackey@andersonkreiger.com

Mina Makariuos 617-621-6525 mina@andersonkreiger.com

Melissa Allison 617-621-6512 mallison@andersonkreiger.com

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